The SnoreMonitor

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The NEW Sleep Lab
So much better & faster

We are proud to introduce the first App that really serves as a perfect sleep-apnea-first-alert.

SnoreMonitor graphs:

  • Every breath
  • Snoring sounds
  • Chest movements
  • Sleep position
  • Mail to your doctor

Tap the graph and listen to the sound. The perfect audio parts of iPhone gives a crystal clear sound and you can zoom in to check every detail.


  • Calibrate input sound
  • Schedule recordings
  • Checks memory left
  • Easy on-spot help

Special offer: Free gift!
Download this app and get a 4 free samples of MegaVent, our perfect nasal dilator.

2 Large and 2 Medium for you to test free!
It helps to breathe easier and to reduze snoring. Endorsed by leading Swedish ENT Doctors.


Snore Monitor Sleep Lab

Can be set in different ways.

Choose what mic you would like to use. Internal mic is really good.

If you have someone beside you that snore too - use the headset mic.           

Schedule: Set start and end time if you only need a part of the night or need to save space or battery. It will die gracefully if the battery runs out. Meaning that you will have at least parts of the recording left.

Alarm? Please read!
Schedule the App to stop before your alarm rings. Othervice the whole recording will be ruined...




There is a ? button or Help button on each side. Just tap it and you will get specific info regarding what you see on that page. Tap the screen repeatedly to go through the information step by step.









Since our snoring devices are adjustable - use the recordings to find out what the optimal lower jaw protraction is.

And - if a combination of ReduZnore (our new Mandibular Advancement Device) and MegaVent (our Nasal Dilator for better breathing) is what it takes to stop the snoring sounds best.

Maybe BacUp, our new bedwedge will do the trick?

After recording, tap record and it will be stored as a file. To retrieve the recording just tap the Recordings button.

Remember to delete old recordings. You will get info of how much time there is left for more recordings.
(See below NightMode)





The entire recording fits in the opening screen for a fast overview. Just pinch to zoom in at the peaks. And sweep with your finger to move on along the timeline.

Sleeping position (You need to have the phone in a chest pocket for this feature)
Every time you change position the icon will show it. If you snore while sleeping on your back - try to avoid this position and see the result next morning.

The iPnone has an incredible recording unit. Even from several meters it will detect your snoring or breathing sounds. If you get graphs that are too high - go to Calibrate on the first page and reduce the sound input.

The horisontal blue line is the reference - a test sound that you make prior to the final recording. The app will keep track of how many times you exceed the test sound. Just to give you a vision of how much you really snore.

Chest movements (You will need to have the iPhone in the chest pocket.)
If you suffer from Sleep Apnea, a serious medical condition that can affect bloodpressure and your hart etc, your breathing will stop. Your soft tissues becomes like a lid in your throat. Finally your body will demand more oxygen and by a sudden deep breath and a very loud snoring sound it wil get rid of the "lid". This sudden chest movement will be

Save the graph in the Photolibrary - perhaps mail it to your doctor?
Push the screen button on top of your iPhone plus press the Home button on the front at the same time. This creates a snapshot of the screen in Photolibrary.

Rec info
Here is the background info that you choose to note before recordings. We know that many people use our app to check different devices effectt etc. Or to check what happens if you change change behaviours before going to sleep. Would I snore less if i go to sleep an hour earlier... Or if i eat earlier - will that make me snore less? These notes will be saved together with your recordings for later comparison.







Totally NEW SnoreMonitor Sleep Lab! Download from Apple: iTunes/Appstore/Medical


SnoreMonitor Sleep Lab can be downloaded from Apples iThunes. For only USD 1.99

- it is in fact a SleepLab that can make you aware of how much you snore and how you snore.

And: Snoring is very hard to understand. We know that many heavy snorers will need both MegaVent and ReduZnore but that is maybe not enough...

Perhaps they will also need to adjust their Reduznore in order to bring the lower jaw more forward...
This is where SnoreMonitor comes in. To check and to follow up for best result.

And to check how different behavior will change the snoring patterns.
For example if you go to sleep earlier, if you eat earlier etc...

SnoreMonitor is a valuable tool for your health. And a way to be sure that you can handle the snoring!

We are proud of being Apples number one Top Paid Medical App for more than 18 months here in Sweden with the original version. This new version is so much better. Please try it now! And please rate it if you like it.
It will help us to create even better Apps in future.




NEW: SnoreMonitor Sleep Lab - Now also for distance diagnostics!

If your graph shows sign of sleep apnea - you may now mail this information to your doctor for advice. It can save a lot of time...

What your Doctor will get with e-mail:

  • A graph showing your snoring patterns.
  • The graph also shows chest movements and sleep position
  • You choose the period and the graph will be sent as a .pdf-file
  • The snoring sound will be included if you choose maximum two minutes

Since the sound files are huge we had to limit the time you can send.

Pick a representative part of the night where you have signs of sleep apnea, (a flat part and a sudden peak in the red graph) Zoom in for a period no longer than 2 minutes - then mail. If you pick to long time you will be adviced to make it shorter or to send only the graph, without the sound. It is that easy.





FOR THE DOCTOR: See movie showing how easy you combine sound+graph.

When you get a mail from our App SnoreMonitor:
You may of course just click the sound file to listen and just open the .pdf to check what it looks like. It is not at all complicated. Or you can combine sound & graph.

Alternative: You can in seconds combine the two different files. And be able to get a graph with sound - plus the index point so you can follow the sound vs the graph. Just like it works in the iPhone.

This movie shows how it works on a Mac. There will be a PC-instruction soon.