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It is time to stop the noise now! Your partner is worth it...

Check these NEW great Swedish Anti-Snoring Innovations!

These two clever snoring devices are endorsed by ENT-doctors and are some of the most popular snoring aids in Sweden.

CE registered as Medical Technical Devices Class 1.

With international patents.

Combine MegaVent with ReduZnore and expect more than 80 % will stop snoring.
Stop snoring has never been easier...

And now it is really cheap, too. 


MegaVent - New Nasal dilator
This innovative nasal dilator, is not only soft and very comfortable, you can in seconds change the shape to custom fit it.

For example if the nose is broken, some people prefer to have one insert more wide...

And it stays in your nose without falling out. Without hurting.

Free from springlike functions to avoid hurting your nose and the sensitive nasal interior.
And without spring function it will not jump out during night. The actual shape can become more bulky and this makes it stay safely inside your nasal cavity.

Free from adhesive to avoid hurting your nose. Durable. The cost per night is a fraction compared to what snoring spray and nasal strips costs.



ReduZnore - SnoringMouthPiece
(Mandibular advancement device)

Keeps the lower jaw forward. Very comfortable due to the enforced posterior part that lowers the pressure on anterior teeth. Remarkably easy to fit. Thinner walls than most on the market makes it very comforatble. And, yes, you will of course cut off the handle after shaping...





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Our solution

There are two ways to open up in order to increase oxygen intake. Lack of oxygen makes us breathe harder. And makes us compensate through mouth breathing. The problem is often caused by a nasal problem. And it slowly involves also the lower air passage.

Our solution is to widen the nasal airway and, if necessary, also the airpassage in the throat.

This will give you enough oxygen constantly and your breathing becomes lighter. Resulting in less turbulence and less vibrations. And the snoring sound will stop. Or at least be a lot less loud.

Image X-ray showing lower jaw in normal position...........................

Image X-ray showing lower jaw in forward position by using a Snoring Mounthpiece. This protraction opens up the narrowed airway significantly.

Turbulent airflow will diminish......................................





What is Snoring?

Snoring is defined as a coarse sound made by vibrations of the soft palate and other tissue in the mouth, nose & throat (upper airway). It is caused by turbulence inside the airway during inspiration. The turbulence is caused by a partial blockage that may be located anywhere from the tip of the nose to the vocal chords.






The restriction may occur only during sleep, or it may persist all the time and be worse when we are asleep. This is because our muscle tone is reduced during sleep and there may be insufficient muscle tone to prevent the airway tissue vibrating.

During waking hours muscle tone keeps the airway in good shape; that's why we don't snore when awake.

Snoring can originate from the nose, oropharynx or the base of the tongue.

Check this!
A short trailer for a movie made by Swedish moviemaker
Bjorn Mathlein,
Among physisians regarded as "One of the best films ever made regarding the snoring and sleep apnea problem". Note: It is not ReduZNore that shows in the movie - it is a dentist made snoring mouthpiece.


If you need Quicktime? It is free: Click here!


What is Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is defined as the cessation of airflow during sleep preventing air from entering the lungs caused by an obstruction. These periods of 'stopping breathing' only become clinically significant if the cessation lasts for more than 10 seconds each time and occur more than 10 times every hour.

OSA only happens during sleep, as it is a lack of muscle tone in your upper airway that causes the airway to collapse. About 4% of men and 2% of women suffer from OSA.

During the day we have sufficient muscle tone to keep the airway open allowing for normal breathing. When you experience an episode of apnoea during sleep your brain will automatically wake you up, usually with a very loud snore or snort, in order to breathe again. People with OSA will experience these wakening episodes many times during the night and consequently feel very sleepy during the day: they have an airway that is more likely to collapse than normal.

Why we snore

The following are the causes of snoring and by controlling them, you can become quiet at night.

* Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise
* Alcohol and Sleeping Pills
* Smoking
* Sleeping Position
* Allergy
* Nasal Stuffiness
* Mouth Breather
* Small or Collapsing Nostrils
* Tongue Base Snorer
* Multifactoral Snoring





MegaVent - New Nasal dilator
This innovative nasal dilator, is not only soft and very comfortable, you can in seconds change the shape to tailor make it for you. For example if your nose is broken... And it stays in your nose without falling out without hurting.

Why good nasal breathing is so important... Click movie above.

Free from springlike functions to avoid hurting your nose and the sensitive nasal interior.
And without springs it will not jump out during night.

Free from adhesive to avoid hurting your nose.

Best in test when 4000 snorers tested. Almost 75 % preferred MegaVent to leading Nasal Dilators. 80 % approved of comfort. 54 % stopped snoring.




ReduZnore -
A new Snoring Mouth Piece
(Mandibular Advancement Device, MAD)
Keeps the lower jaw forward. Very comfortable due to the enforced posterior part that lowers the pressure on anterior teeth. Remarkably easy to fit.

Thinner walls than most competitors on the market.

And very carefully designed. For your result and comfort.

We have seen many bad copies but our new mouthpiece is protected and made with a plastic material that is moldable at 75 degrees Celcius. Less heat when biting impressions is more comfortable and you will furthermore be able to shape it during longer time.

This material has a memory so you can reshape several times.

You will notice how easy it is to fit and make really good impressions. And that is very important. Avoid cheap copies. Quality is not much more expensive.













  Main advantages:

  • Thinner walls for more comfort.
  • Prolonged endings reduces pressure
    on frontal teeth.
  • Partly thicker goods makes it easier
    to get really good impressions.
  • Designed to be out of reach for
    the tongue even if it is prolonged.




This item is a CE registered Medical Technical Device Class 1.

Endorsed by ENT doctors and developed in cooperation with Swedish dentists.

The MAD-principle is recommended, by the Swedish "FDA", as first treatment to cure Sleep Apnea. Our device is very similar to Dentist made Mandibular Advancement Devices regarding effect.

What really differs is the price. And the time it takes to get it... However, our Snoring devices are sold only to cure the snoring sound.

Warning: If you suffer from Sleep Apnea you shall allways see your doctor for advice and proper treatment. ReduZnore is not suitable for individuals with dentures or people suffering from Tempero Mandibular Joint (TMJ) problems.

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Order our
  Snoring Devices NOW:

     MegaVent Large or Medium
    5 inserts/package.

ReduZnore is "one size fits all".

Always 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

Or replacement of the goods if you happen to fail the fitting properly.

We want you to be perfectly satisfied with our anti snoring devices.

ReduZnore comes with a great Bonus, Six MegaVent Nasal Dilators is included in the package.


Our WebShop

We are happy to deliver our products almost worldwide now. With secure card payments through PAYPAL.

MegaVent is currently also sold in several countries so if you would like to know who sells it in your country please send us an e-mail!

Instructions for ReduZnore:
Download a pdf-file here!

For all international deliveries please see our WebShop!

ReduZnore/MegaVent is delivered directly from us.

Normally we ship in 3 days.


For deliveries in Sweden and order in Swedish Click here. sweden



We welcome international distributors.

Our unique concept that widens both the nasal and the throat area physically - without "chemicals" has been a huge success. And together with our iPhone app we supply a total snoring solution for the huge snoring market in your country. Most middle aged people actually snore!

Please contact LEIF SÖDERBERG, Managing Director, Adactive AB

Mail adress is:

Give us a brief introduction of your company and business. Website is one important factor for success, so please send link to your site.

Also, your primary marketing channels. Number employed. Established year and annual turnover. We will respond promptly.


We can assure you that the market for snoring items is huge. With our unique marketing support you will soon find our products to be wellknown in any country.




Yes, I snore...

And I snore a lot!

I snore with mouthpiece devices!
And I snore with nasal dilators!
But, if I combine them, I stop...

And I can prove it - I just check my App, the SnoreMonitor SleepLab graph in my iPhone.


For 11 years we have successfully sold a great snoring device that really helped me (and a lot of Swedes) stop snoring.      

- Until the day my nasal passage turned out to be blocked for some reason.

Due to the process of solving this problem I am now able to introduce a whole new concept, that not only cured my problem; in the end it helps at least 80 % stop snoring!


During more than ten years I have spoken to so many dentists and ENT-doctors and I am still surprised that there are no clinical studies dealing with the whole problem...

Yes, everyone knows that snoring occurs in narrowed airways. In the nose or throat. Nasal widening cures about 50-55% and widening the airway in the throat appr 70 %

But still very few professionals suggests both nasal and throat widening as a solution... Probably because most producers have either one or the other of the solution. And they keep arguing and market only a part of the solution.

Now we can put an end to conflicting interests, since we have developed a totally unigue Nasal Dilator, MegaVent, and also a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) ReduZnore, a Snoring Mouthpiece, under influence of ten Swedish dentists specializing in snoring and sleep apnea.

But, there is more:
We have also developed the worlds first Snore/SleepLab for iPhone! So everyone can now check if our products work or not... Perfect if you sleep alone. Just let your iPhone record your sleep and see the result next morning.

We sell our snoring mouthpiece with 30 days money back guaranty... And we dare to do this AND supply you with a sleep lab that is 100 % honest. Just because we know our products work! And since they are adjustable, the SnoreMonitor will be a perfect tool to finetune your snoring device for perfect result.

Your snoring problem might develop to a major problem sooner or later - so give us a chance to stop it now.

You analyze the problem and solve it with our new snoring devices.

And finally you can check the effect in SnoreMonitor. It is that easy. For half the price of a Burger meal!

MegaVent, Reduznore and SnoreMonitor... A total solution for snorers!

Widening narrowed airways is just a logical solution. And it has been proven effective in so many clinical studies over the years. But the combination is even better.

Try it! Or make a step by step trial... But do not give up!

Snoring just became much easier to cure. And a lot more fun with iPhone and our new Application SnoreMonitor. And if you have an iPod Touch or iPad it will work on that as well.

We are now developing a new App... It will give you even more information the will be worth a lot if you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnea. Please check back in late december 2010 for more information.

Best regards,

Leif Soderberg
Inventor of  
MegaVent, ReduZnore and SnoreMonitor

Adactive AB, Lund, Sweden             

  We let people try our NEW Nasal Dilator MegaVent for a survey:



We also got great respons from those who had tested Nasal Strips...

Appr. 74 % preferred MegaVent to Breathing Nasal Strips!

MegaVent stays in place all night. Absolutely adhesive free. So, no more mess with washing the nose before you use your new Nasal dilator. And no more risk of getting the skin irritated or ripped off by the adhesive.