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Totally NEW SnoreMonitor SleepLab
- please forgive us for previous slow version!

Note: Delete old version before installing since old recordings might crash the app.

If you already have installed it - just delete old recordings and it will function perfectly. You might need to reinstall.

This new version is our most advanced Sleep Lab

We have introduced "distance diagnostics" which allow you to send the graph and also a sound file to your doctor for example. A very nice feature if you suspect that you suffer from Sleep Apnea and need professional guidance.

We also give samples of how different snoring and sleep apnea can look in the graph. And you will get a sample of what sleep apnea might sound like.

On each screen there is a HELP or a ?-function. You will be guided to all features on that specific screen.


1. Find out if you snore

This App records snoring sounds and displays it graphically hour by hour. You can listen to the sound by tapping on the graph.

2. Try some of our solutions

Our Nasal Dilator MegaVent is suggested for those who have problems breathing through their nose and our Snoring Mouthpiece ReduZnore opens up the narrowed airways in the throat.

Our new bedwedge called BacUp keeps your back raised 30° which is clinically proven to reduce swollen nose and throat. It is perfect to combine with ReduZnore and MegaVent.

3. Still Snoring?

Try to combine both MegaVent and ReduZnore for a total widening in both nose and throat.

As many as 80-90 % will solve the problem by this method. Better breathing in open airways. No wonder Swedish ENT doctors suggests this as number one method to stop snoring. And don't forget our new BacUp!


SnoreMonitor SleepLab - is superfast and the best we have made!


Please: Delete old version before installing since old recordings might crash the app... 

If you already have installed - just delete old recordings and it will function perfectly.

This new version is faster and also easier to maneuver. You can for example listen to the sound as long, or just as short, time as you like...


Some known issues:

1. Alarm - Can I combine alarm and Snore Monitor?

Yes, but only if you schedule the Snore Monitor Sleep Lab to end just a minute before the alarm is set to wake you up.

2. I don't like to have the screen lit all night!

Turn off the screen (the button on top right side of the iPhone.)

If you would like to record chest movements and sleeping position you need to keep the iPhone in your chest pocket or attach it with a bandage. And you need to keep the screen on - but it will turn it self off if the screen is turned to your body. If you turn the screen off the recording will not be complete.

2. Start Monitoring

From the home screen, tap on 'Record', you are then taken to the recording page. To start recording immediately, tap the 'Record' button. You can also maintain additional info for the recording, something you'd like to mention in particular about the current recrording session like 'I had wine today' or 'I used a nasal dilator'.
To stop recording, tap the 'Record' button again, and then tap 'Recordings' to view the snoring pattern as a graph. Choose the file you like to see.

3. Schedule Monitoring

You can also use the scheduling options of the app to start and stop recording automatically. Use the clock symbol on the "Record" side.

Please do make sure that the battery is at least half full or you have connected the charger, you should also shift to airplane mode if you do not want the app to quit if you recieve a call.

4. I can not hear the recordings.

It is easy to move the iPhone closer during recording. Or to use the head set. Put a chair close to the bed and hang the headset on it. That postion will give perfect recordings. Test different positions before you record a whole night. If you use a headset when listening you may get the sound much better. It is only a matter of changing recoring distance.

6. I would like to change the graph...

By moving the slider on the Calibration side you can adjust the magnitude of the graph. It will not affect the actual sound input. But you can have the graph showing as much as you like.


7. Why 2 recordings the same night?

If you get a phone call the recording will stop and be stored. But it will continue to record after you hang up... It is a well brought up App that never listen to others conversations!


8. Mailing the soundfile does not work?

The sound file is huge. Tog big to mail so we have a limit of 2 minutes. If you have more to send - just send several mail. You may send the whole night as a graph - but it is impossible to interpret. Zoom in and try to see details like a flat part followed by a sharp peak. In that case your doctor will be much more able to detect if you might need a closer examination.

9. I love your new app... How do I rate it?

We have lots of competitors and to be able to afford developing next generation SleepLab we do need good ratings. Simply go to our App at Itunes/Appstore and below the images there is a "Rate me-part" and a part where you can write some comments.

If you have a problem please mail us - it might be a local problem that we can solve for you. And please contact us if you would like some specific feature in the next App.


SnoreMonitor is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition whatsoever.

It is only a recording device to guide you if you snore and if our snoring devices are working and to help to fine tune the snoring devices.

Increasing the mandibular advancement is a typical adjustment that SnoreMonitor can be of help, showing the different snoring levels. Also if the combination of Nasal dilator MegaVent and mouth piece Reduznore works is a perfect mission to monitor.

If you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnea, with daytime sleepiness, falling asleep in front of the TV, having problems driving without beeing tired as symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

We provide no Medical Advice. You should always seek advice from your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition and should not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional care because of information provided on this app.